Monday, February 17, 2014

Introducing FlexBooker Wait Lists

We're excited to announce a brand new FlexBooker feature: Wait Lists.

What are FlexBooker Wait Lists?

FlexBooker Wait Lists are a powerful way to help keep your appointmets full, allowing your customers to place themselves onto a wait list for any full appointment.
A wait list is not a confirmation or a booking, but is instead a way to automatically get a spot if space opens up for them.
In the event of space opening up for a wait list party, FlexBooker automatically sends the customer a text message, allowing them to turn their wait list request into a confirmed booking.

What can cause space to open up for my customers who are on a wait list for a particular time?
Space can open up from a variety of ways:
  • Another customer at the same appointment cancels
  • One of your admins cancels a current booking at the time the wait list party is waiting for
  • You open up more space at the appointment

Is space held for wait list parties?

Yes, for a period of exactly 10 minutes from the moment space opens up (at which time the wait list customer will receive a text message asking if they would like the booking) space will be held for that customer.
If they don't respond within that 10 minute time frame, then the space goes back to the widget to allow your other customers to book.

What happens if multiple customers are waiting for space at the same appointment?
If there are multiple customers waiting for space at the same booking, then they will be offered space as (and if) it opens up in the order that they joined the wait list. First come, first offered.
If a party above them in the wait list doesn't respond to the SMS within 10 minutes, or rejects the SMS offer, then the next party in the wait list will be text messaged.

This is another great evolution to the FlexBooker online scheduling offering, and we're so happy to be able to now offer this often-requested feature to our customers. Not a customer yet? Check out what all the fuss is about.

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