Friday, February 21, 2014

Calendars help you visualize your weekly schedule

Calendars are how people visualize their day. 

When dealing with multiple schedules, for potentially multiple employees, each time of which may or may not have bookings for them already, calendars can be daunting though. That's what we have worked hard to avoid with our latest new feature announcement: FlexBooker now has calendars to help you manage your appointments and bookings.

We think our implementation is, well, beautifully simple (and simply beautiful). The calendar can be seen by managers in its entirety (either day or week) and can also be filtered by employee. It is also handily color-coded, so you can see at a glance who has appointments, and where the bookings lie.

Of course, it's still amazingly fast. We've also combined our schedule setup area into the same page as the calendar, so you can perform all your day-to-day activities from one page.

We think you're going to love the new look. The search functionality is still there, so you can easily search your entire schedule, even by one of your customer's names, to quickly see his history and upcoming bookings (still on the same page!).

As always, now back to work to continually improve FlexBooker for you.

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