Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Starting to work with our gym, and fitness center, customers on the product

We're well underway now, and learning from the experiences we're seeing of clients making online bookings at our partner gyms.

One thing we're always obsessed with is how to improve the flow of the booking process. To do this we go through many different options on the white-board in the product office, creating what UX folks call "wire frames". These are basically sketches of the critical steps in the work-flow. They allow us to the brainstorm different concepts without needing to go through the time for graphic design and coding until we have ideas that we really like.

The best of these concepts then make it to the next stage of UX (user experience) design to get fully fleshed out, and graphic design added.

I bring up this process (not to bore you, I hope) but to illustrate the process of continuous improvement we bring to our product offering for online gym bookings and reservations. One place we differ from other software development companies is that we love (and I mean are absolutely delighted) to involve our customers at every stage. Our key philosophy behind the process is to keep things as simple for users as possible, by utilizing the most advanced technology available and by working with the best developers, designers, and support people in the business.

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