Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FlexBooker adds online bookings to your gym's website

Welcome to the FlexBooker blog, where our hope is that our interests will collide, while also giving us a way (that is convenient to you) to keep you updated on what we're working and how it might help your gym or fitness studio's operations.

FlexBooker is a small team of highly dedicated, thoughtful people, who came together for their two main obsessions. Fitness, and Technology. We created FlexBooker because it was something we really wish our gyms used. We longed for the day there was a super easy, lightening fast, way to make online class bookings at our gyms.

So the initial thought was this: let's create a hub where I can book all of my classes in one place. We realized fairly quickly though that in the fitness space this model doesn't really make a great deal of sense. I know exactly which studio I want to book at, because I've developed a relationship with them already, and so I don't really want to have to go through the clutter of other gyms to find the classes they're currently offering.

We also realized that most gyms already have their own website, with at least some information about themselves. The perfect medium, it occurred to us, was to give the control to the gyms themselves.

Thus, the FlexBooker booking widget was born. By letting the gyms themselves take reservations directly through their existing website, we keep the direct customer interaction between gym and client. We don't get in the way. Our job is to simply facilitate those transactions.

Our goal is simple, to build the best way for people to book at your gym, and also the best way for your gym to set up, and use our system to take online reservations without hassle. We want our product, and our service to amaze you. To that end, we're on a non-stop mission to improve, and perfect, our product. We know your opinion is the most important of all, and we think that you'll love our product, and love our customer support and continuous improvement just as much.

Interested in a free trial? Check us out at You can sign up for 30 days free, with no credit card required, at

Welcome to FlexBooker. Stay in touch, and let's do great things togther.

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