Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Context is King: Knowing Thy Customer for Smarter Biz

Data is power. FlexBooker helps businesses put data to work.

One critical activity entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners often underestimate is the importance of measuring.

The only way to improve future results is to be able to gauge and learn from past performance, so analytics should not be overlooked! Big Data is a major buzz word for good reason. 

New technology is equipping businesses with valuable insight on consumer behavioral and
transactional patterns and preferences.

Did you know FlexBooker’s built-in reporting and metrics collects and analyzes information that can help you do business smarter, more effectively and with the potential for greater profit?

What's your busiest appointment type? 

Who is the most productive employee? 

Which customers book the most—and when? 

FlexBooker answers these questions and empowers you to put that data to work to drive repeat business.

Quality, organized information on your client base, their habits and preferences allows you to make better business decisions, conduct more precise and personalized marketing, up-sell and more.

Example: As personal fitness regimens continue to skyrocket in popularity, personal trainers are using FlexBooker to measure their customer engagement. FlexBooker assigns each of their clients a score based on their current attendance records and automatically compares that with the previous month. This allows trainers to identify top performing client—and also who they may need to offer extra motivation to.

Boost your business today with the power of automation.

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